Magnus Sorensen is a swedish singer/songwriter/producer. Started out as singer/guitarist with several local bands in his hometown Trollhattan, Sweden in the 90´s.

In 2002 he formed rock band Suburbia who successfully found their we out of Sweden and into the music market of Japan, England, Germany, USA and South America. Tracks like “Make Me Feel Alive”, “Easier To Dream” and “Divided” earned lots of airtime on radio all over the world. After three full-length albums and two EPs the band went on hiatus and Magnus went straight into his solo album “Love In A Mixtape”, released in the fall of 2013. Magnus also released an EP with pop-project “Crossing Memory Lane” before he went on to co-write the debut album, “Stepping Stones” by Swedish country-pop artist Jimi M Anderson.

At the moment Magnus is working on a follow up solo record as well as several collaboration projects.

Outside of the music Magnus is the founder of popular Swedish podcast “GeekPodden”, a podcast about music, movies, games, travels and all things “nerdy”. (www.geekpodden.se – swedish only)